New Album Release: The Bletherin – Gien it Laldy

Here’s a sneak preview of the tracks from the Bletherin’s new album ‘Gien it Laldy’, which is released soon, distributed internationally by

Track 1: Cinderella Rockerfella

Track 2: Saltire Rock

Track 3: Two of a Kind

Track 4: We are Scotland

Track 5: The Strangers

Track 6: Nae Union

Track 7: Freedom Bell

Track 8: Caught in a Dream

Track 9: Always Will

Track 10: Particles of Love

Track 11: Scarlett Smile

Track 12: Saltire (Bonus track, take 1 acoustic version)

Any proceeds from downloads of or from this album will go directly to volunteer internet streaming station – indyLive.Radio

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