Audio Track: We Are Scotland

  We are Scotland (c) 2019, music & lyrics by Dougie Bendall   New original song: ‘We are Scotland (Come and Join Us).’ Here’s my short journey to produce it: Since October 2018 I have written several songs in quick succession. Trying to stay clear from writing about Brexit, I recalled Nicola Sturgeon’s speech following […]

Songs in the Key of Life: Black Man Ray by Gary Daly & Eddie Lundon

Black Man Ray (c) Lyrics & Music by Gary Daly & Eddie Lundon   China Crisis are a pop band formed in 1979 by Gary Daly (Vocals / keyboards) and Eddie Lundon (Guitar / vocals). Gary and Eddie are the band’s extant members and hail from Kirby, near Liverpool, Merseyside, England. The group was part […]

Cinderellas Rockerfellas – My Brief Tribute to Scottish Pop Culture

  Cinderella Rockerfella (c) 2018 music and lyrics by Dougie Bendall      I seldom dance, despite my love of Northern Soul, 80’s pop and heavy rock. This wasn’t always the case, my prancing abilities reduced in direct proportion to my perception around how shit popular music was becoming. My feet gave-up in 1995. Cinderella […]

Audio Track: Throw it Away

Audio Track: Throw it Away (c) 2003 (Bendall / Williams)   I wrote this one in my head while driving back from a live gig. My mate Terry Chambers and I had been to see the alt-rock band Wilco, in an excellent hall within the University of Glasgow, Scotland. The gig was absolutely brilliant, I […]

Audio Track: Destiny

  Audio Track: Destiny (c) 2001 (Bendall / Williams)   This track is the sequel to ‘Once Bitten.’ Dave Williams and I started this with a line from the original bridge: ‘Are you the one for me, are you my destiny, promise me, don’t break my heart?’ Late one summer’s evening, we retired to our […]

Audio Track: Future

  Future (c) 2001 (Bendall / Williams)   Future is a positive track. I had all the lyrics written when Dave Williams joined me to turn it into a complete song. We spent about an hour or or so finishing it off, and on the same day, another couple of hours completing the demo. Again, […]

Audio Track: Two of a Kind (2019 Remix)

  Audio Track: Two of a Kind (c) 2001 music and lyrics by Dougie Bendall   Two of a Kind was written back in the day, and recorded on an old analogue four-track Tascam tape  unit, in my mate Colin Bell’s kitchen, near the town of Peebles, Scottish Borders, Scotland. There are all sorts of […]

Audio Track: Once Bitten (Twice the Fool)

  Once Bitten, Twice the Fool (c) 2000 (Bendall / Williams)   Once Bitten was the first track Dave Williams and I wrote together. I had the verse written but was struggling to finish it. Dave had a chorus melody. We put them together and wrote a bridge, then the lyrics just came from nowhere. […]

Audio Track: Always Will (New studio version 2018)

  Audio Track: Always Will (c) 2004 music and lyrics by Bendall and Williams) (Studio Version 2018)   This was the last song, Dave Williams and I wrote together. I had a rough verse sitting unfinished for years. I had the line ‘Sometimes clever, not so cool, I’m so in love with you,’ as our […]

Audio Track: The Strangers

(c) 2018 music & lyrics by Dougie Bendall   The Strangers were an excellent function / covers band, based in the Scottish Borders. A good mate of mine, back in the day was Kevin Crawford. Kevin was the talented leader of The Strangers, as singer, guitarist and events’ manager. They were in a recording studio […]