New Album Release: The Bletherin – Gien it Laldy

Here’s a sneak preview of the tracks from the Bletherin’s new album ‘Gien it Laldy’, which is released soon, distributed internationally by Track 1: Cinderella Rockerfella Track 2: Saltire Rock Track 3: Two of a Kind Track 4: We are Scotland Track 5: The Strangers Track 6: Nae Union Track 7: Freedom Bell Track […]

Audio Track: Putting Scotland Down

Putting Scotland Down is an original collection of Westminster Tories putting Scotland down, using various methods of ridicule and disdain. I produced a bespoke soundtrack to bring this mob together. The majority of Scots want a second independence referendum. Scotland is rising.

Scarlett Smile

  Scarlett Smile (c)2019 Music and Lyrics by Dougie Bendall   Scarlett Smile is a new original song, which I wrote recently about my lovely and talented daughter. She complained I was always writing about Scotland and independence and suggested I wrote something different for a change. She was right and I couldn’t resist the […]

Particles of Love

  Music and Lyrics by Dougie Bendall (c)2019   Particles of Love is a new, original song, which I wrote for my wife Sandra (Sara or Sandra Smile). The track is about our love and time together, and is produced in the style of 80s rock, a favourite genre of ours. I play all the […]

The Strangers (2019)

Audio track. Words and music by Dougie Bendall (c) 2018 The Strangers was originally recorded, back in the day, as a country rock track, it is a tale of hope and woe. Here we have a new acoustic version, recorded in one take, with a single-take 2nd guitar part added for no particular reason. This […]

Audio Track: Scotland Rising

  Scotland Rising is an inspirational track. I used an original backing track to provide a backdrop to a collection of independence related speeches from a number of people across the Indy movement. I hope you can enjoy this track, which I produced especially for Norrie Hunter at IndyLive.Radio. I brought together sound clips from […]

We are Scotland (IndyLive.Radio version)

I am a big fan of IndyLive.Radio, which is part of the long running livestreaming services. The guys behind this, including Kevin, Gerry and Norrie, provide excellent content, made with minimal or no budget. I try and help them in any way I can and offer songs, jingles or audio content, free of charge. […]

Audio Track: Gimme the 45

  Audio Track: Gimme the 45 music & lyrics by Lisa Hill     My cover of an Original Indy song, written by Lisa Hill. Really enjoyed this project, I hope I have done this excellent song some justice.   Gimme the 45 (c) 2018 music & lyrics by Lisa Hill VERSE [ONE]: They tried […]

The AyeTunes EP

  Audio Track 1: Saltire (c) 2018 music and lyrics by Dougie Bendall   Audio Track 2: We are Scotland (c) 2019 music and lyrics by Dougie Bendall   Audio Track 3: Nae Union (c) 2019 music and lyrics by Dougie Bendall     Audio Track 4: Gimme the 45 (c) 2018 music and lyrics […]

Nae Union

  Audio Track: Nae Union (c) 2019 music & lyrics by Dougie Bendall   Nae Union is a new original song. I marched. I travelled over 3,000 miles and marched. Along with over one hundred thousand others, I took part in the ‘All Under One Banner’ (AUOB) march on Saturday 6 October 2018 in Edinburgh. […]