Deal or no Deal (Part 1): The Storm before a Hurricane?

Already, this is a strange week. You know that feeling, just before it rains, when it seems the sky is about to burst with tension.

UK mainstream media in Scotland is in overdrive, constructing and perpetuating discourse of a new SNP Civil War, SNP Bad, as they inflate the ‘feud’ between Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, and maximize the potential teachers’ strike as a failing of Scottish Government. The press in Scotland always distract us from the significantly more inappropriate behaviour of the British National Parties. BBC’s Sarah Smith already leads the pact this year as chief propagandist, declaring with sheer glee, a new ‘SNP Civil War.’ BBC Radio 4 Today programme stresses the ‘danger’ of Brexit not going ahead but fails to define or expand on what that is. Soundbite hooks, whereby the media knows many readers will not look below a headline for content, details or facts.

So what is it we are distracted from this week? The Mail on Sunday went with a construction firm linked to UK Gov Cabinet member Philip Hammond, reducing his tax bill to a fraction of what it was. The Guardian revealed UK Gov Cabinet member Amber Rudd’s involvement in two offshore firms in the Bahamas. The Evening Standard reports more problems with the progression of HS2, whereby the trains could run slower than planned, in an effort to curb the rapidly escalating costs. With UK national debt approaching 2 trillion pounds and impending Brexit economic consequences, to date, estimated at over 58.7 billion pounds. The UK Tory-undead-zombie Gov, is still walking, regardless of sense, task or direction.

I'm sick and tired of hearing things
From uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocritics
All I want is the truth
Just gimme some truth
I've had enough of reading things
By neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians
All I want is the truth
Just gimme some truth

(John Lennon, Gimme Some Truth, 1971)

Round two of Theresa May’s deal, is near its end, with the vote scheduled to take place later today. Outside a war footing, this is perhaps the most important UK political decision in modern times. Even Sky News are calling Brexit a ‘crisis.’ From division within the Tory UK Gov to the stymied nature of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party opposition, I have no idea how all this is going to play out.

There is a build up of far-right Brexiteers, who are becoming more anxious and angry, as the decision-day approaches. Disproportionately, 11 DUP MPs become key players, at the heart of this drama. I am nervous. These are desperate times, where behaviours among Tory Party elected members are becoming increasingly worrying. Senior members of the Cabinet of the UK Govt are in complete denial of the risk threats facing them, it is obvious they will not renege from a self and party-first stance.

If there is as predicted a no confidence motion in the UK Gov put forward by Jeremy Corbyn, it is unlikely to succeed without support from the DUP, who would then need to break-up their supply and confidence pact with the Tories. That is unlikely, but who knows what dirty deals are going on behind the befuddled frontage of Westminster rule. All British National Parties are displaying corporate denial of this whole dire situation.

Anti-Scottish @RossThomson_MP breaks his recent silence and prefers to tweet about dog meat consumption in the US, rather than anything else, more proof of why this is his last year as a politician.

Expect more twists, turns and general fuddery today. Please set your pish-filters to max.

Meanwhile, David Mundell, who has at every single stage excluded the Scottish Government from communications and ignored Scotland’s wishes to remain in the European Union, seeks support for the PM’s deal. Hypocrite or arrogant, you decide.

As today’s vote approaches, I can only hope Nicola Sturgeon finally decides it is time to deliver the Scottish Gov / Parliament’s triple-locked mandate, and initiate a formal route to Independence. This is going to be a much harder task than five years ago, the gloves are off already. Ding ding.

Part 2 of ‘Deal or No Deal’ (Is this as good as it gets?) will follow, once the meaningful vote has been counted.


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