The team behind iSparKeLife are passionate about Scotland.

We cover lifestyle, politics, music, and social observations, from a distinctly Scottish internationalist viewpoint.

iSparKeLife contributors are from diverse backgrounds and agree:

Scotland can prosper
Scotland can grow
Scotland can be fairer
Scotland can be nuclear-free
Scotland can thrive

Our contributors post regularly on current affairs, lifestyle interests and random matters of interest or entertainment (hopefully both). Our podcast section contains a mixture of political podcasts and audio tracks, which tend to be original compositions and highly-focused on Scotland or Scottish interests.

We welcome feedback on our content and will consider suggestions for future topics to cover and discuss.

We will not criticize needlessly or be abusive or discourteous to anyone who has differing political views; we encourage the discourse.

NB: We will not tolerate any abusive, profane or needlessly provocative responses and those wishing to create a climate of discord that is at odds with out positive philosophy, will not be indulged, just blocked.

The iSparKeLifers.